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Join Team Marut!

Please join our ever-expanding group of volunteers who generously offer their time and skills to our various Dharma projects. If you have a flair for flier design, or enjoy being creative with marketing and publicity; if you’re excited about HTML or XML coding; if you have mastered the deep art of web optimization; if you love the teachings so much you wish to transcribe them word-for word; then please contact us at:

Support the Great Retreat Fund!

Buddhist practice is meant to bring about a total transformation in the practitioner so that he or she becomes capable of truly helping others. Deep, solitary retreat is extremely conducive for this to take place.

Please consider donating to the Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Program by clicking on the ‘Retreat Scholarship’ donate button here:

Go shopping! (Bet you never thought you’d hear that from us!) T-shirts, stickers, bags and much, much more, all with distinctive quotes and professional designs. All profits go directly into the retreat fund:

Please consider donating to Lama Marut’s spiritual centers:
> Middle Way LA (Los Angeles, CA)
> Wisdom’s Heart of Cape Ann
> Diamond Heart Center of Reno

These centers make possible the serious study of Buddhism in the West, and the cultivation of future teachers who will continue to offer advices on how to live a happier and more compassionate life, worldwide.