Occupy Your Mind

If you want to occupy something, start with your own mind.  As Teddy Sczudio teaches us in this rap, “The revolution will not be televised; your revolution has got to start inside.” Download the MP3 > The Revolution will not be Televised 11.15.11

No Worries

In this audio, Lama Marut introduces the 2011 Summer Retreat in Massachusetts by talking about the virtues of going on retreat, letting go of all stress, and being able to practice real freedom for a few days. For next summer’s retreat, visit the official Summer Retreat website. Download the MP3 File Now > “No Worries“

Why and On What Should We Meditate?

Part 2 of Lama Marut’s talk at the annual Australian Meditation Conference, held in Melbourne in October of 2011. > Download Part 2, MP3