Middle Way Centers

Mission Statement

MWC-Mission-RatifiedApril30-2013The Middle Way Centers are dedicated to the promotion of principles, practices, and activities that will help us live happier lives here and now, and that point the way to the ultimate goal of complete liberation from suffering. We gather in spiritual fellowship to learn how to better serve our families, local communities, and the world at large, and to fully realize the innate potential we all have as individuals.

These Centers stand for an alternative to the prevalent materialism, consumerism, and egoism of secular society on the one hand, and also to religious fundamentalism, intolerance, and doctrinaire sectarianism on the other. Our approach is non-dogmatic but principled, disciplined but not divisive.

It is from such a perspective that we offer practical instruction for a life infused with ethical integrity, compassion for others, mindful awareness, and wisdom. Grounded in the time-tested doctrines and practices found in the ancient Indian Sanskrit and Tibetan texts, the Middle Way Centers also acknowledge, honor, and are inspired by the beneficial guidelines found in all the world’s authentic spiritual traditions.

The Centers offer a comprehensive set of classes and techniques ranging from the introductory to the advanced. All are presented with an emphasis on their relevance both for personal growth and transformation as well as for fostering a sense of responsibility for others.

Our doors are open to every one – religious or irreligious, affiliated or non-affiliated. We welcome all who come in the spirit of critical intelligence and tolerant open-mindedness, and who have a strong desire to alleviate and eventually totally overcome their own suffering and that of their fellow human beings.

The purpose of a spiritual life is not to become better than others, but better for others. 

The Middle Way Centers are here to promote that vision.