Meditation in Context: Between Ethics and Wisdom

Part Three of Lama Marut’s talk at the Australian Meditation Conference, in which he delineates the place and purpose of meditation in Tibetan Buddhism. > Download Part 3, MP3

Why and On What Should We Meditate?

Part 2 of Lama Marut’s talk at the annual Australian Meditation Conference, held in Melbourne in October of 2011. > Download Part 2, MP3

What’s the Purpose of Meditation?

The skill of meditation is not virtuous in and of itself. It is morally neutral, and its value depends on the context in which it is located. Lama Marut speaks at the Australian Meditation Conference, 2011, on the “how,” “why,” and “on what” of meditation. This is the first of three parts to the talk, given on Oct. 8 in Melbourne. >  Download MP3

Getting the “Oomph” Behind the “Try”

Joyful Effort… We all are desirous of the rewards of a spiritual life – a deep sense of  well-being and contentment; pleasant and meaningful interactions with others; the end of alienation and aloneness, replaced by the feeling of interconnectedness and “at oneness” with the things and beings around us; and the full realization of our true purpose and calling. But these important life goals won’t be reached just by wishing for them.   We need to mobilize ourselves into action.  We have […]

Is There Proof for Karma?

Does Karma really show up in our lives and whats the proof? Check out another Q & A session from a recent teaching where the “proof” of Karma is explored. > Is There Proof for Karma (Download MP3 File)

The Practice of Contentment

Among the many benefits of going on a solitary retreat is the opportunity to practice contentment.  We do, of course, have the option to work on our endemic dissatisfaction at any time.  But in retreat we put ourselves in a situation that forcefully demands it. Retreat, one might say, is an exercise in compulsory contentment and obligatory tranquility.  If we don’t make peace with our lives and ourselves in a long-term, solitary retreat, we will drive ourselves crazy in no […]