Articles About Lama Marut

Published Articles about Lama Marut

Below is a list of articles written about Lama Marut’s teachings and also some video interviews, please click on the links to read the full article or just watch the video streams.

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Reno’s dropped in on a teaching at Diamond Heart this summer, and found Lama Marut’s style of teaching “humorous” and “down to earth” and the content of his talk to be both “radical” and “simple.” For the full review, visit

The Arizona Daily Star’s interview with Lama Marut:

Ex-professor found joy, and he’ll share it with you
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LA Yoga reviews the Middle Way LA’s Festival of Bliss in >
“Bringing Bliss to LA” (PDF is no longer available)

Lama Marut was named the ‘Go To Guru‘ in LA’s
> Angelino Magazine !

Article about Venerable Marut’s January 2008 teachings in the Gloucester Daily Times
> “Buddhist monk teaches courses in Rockport next week”

Read Lama Marut interviewed about Buddhism in Tucson:
>>Tucson Weekly

An articlew about Lama Marut’s August 2007 retreat in Massachusets:
> “Buddhist monk teaches courses in Rockport next week”

New York Times: | Jan. 22, 2007 Lama Marut offers a Buddhist point of view in,
“Listen to God… Or his interpreters: advice from five spiritual specialists.”

Article about Gloucester, MA, Dec. 2006 teachings:
Buddhist monk comes to Cape Ann… 

Windhover Article 2006, Lama Marut and Lindsay Crouse’s retreat Summer of 2006.
(Article PDF)

Yoga Sutras at LMU
In the Spring of 2006 Ven. Marut taught a course on Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras at LMU.
This is a review of that course.

Windhover Article 2005
Article written about Lama Marut and Lindsay Crouse’s retreat, in 2005 “Shared Vision”.