Dharma Essentials

Lama Marut’s Dharma Essentials

The Dharma Essentials Courses provide “essential” versions of the fifteen ACI Formal Study Courses for those who just want the “bottom line” or do not have the time for the full Formal Study Course. Each Dharma Essentials Course consists of four classes of oral instruction and assumes no previous background in Buddhism. Each class is based on a few pages of reading from the original texts (often translated from the Tibetan for the first time). Unlike the Formal Study Courses, Dharma Essentials Courses require no homeworks, quizzes, or final examination. Each class comes with a fifteen minute per day meditation assignment correlated to the material covered in that class and designed to help your practice and improve your life. “Dharma Essentials” – everything you need to know to begin, renew, or enhance your spiritual life!

Below are two links for ZIP archives containing the entire Dharma Essentials series as taught by Lama Marut. Once you click on a link for each ZIP Archive, you will get a prompt to download. Please note that each download is fairly large so recommend you have a fast internet connection:
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