Since Lama Marut's passing, his senior students are now continuing in his teachings through Inner Way LA center.

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(Inner Way LA was originally known as the Mahasukha Center then became one of Lama Marut’s Middle Way Centers.)

Historical Resources from Lama Marut

A full-length documentary
by Lama Marut

"Incite Happiness"

The “Incite Happiness” documentary follows noted author and spiritual teacher Lama Marut through a speaking tour in which he wisely and humorously shares his extensive practical knowledge of how to use proven ancient methods to produce a happier life in the modern world.

Augmented by many crowd-sourced interviews with people of all types and backgrounds, this becomes a sort of conversation around not only what it actually means to feel happy, but how to avoid the many pitfalls which often leave us further from our goal. Each intimate interview exposes deeply reflective and relatable questions of identity, doubt, and frustration in the face of trying to live a happy life. And each one, in turn, is illuminated by clever and yet highly practical methods which the viewer can take away and begin employing immediately. Through wit and wisdom, intimacy and insight, Incite Happiness offers a powerful antidote to the many self-destructive states of mind which are keeping us from living the happy life which is possible for all of us.

You can enjoy this new full-length documentary from these sources:

Lama Marut Past Recordings

Event Recording Now Available Online

“Gimme Shelter” Pre-Retreat Online Event

If you missed the conversation about Finding Shelter from the Storm, or would even like to listen again:

Here is the link to the recorded event >

The following are some points from the talk we’d like to highlight:

13:35 minutes – The fundamentals: ‘when’ do we take refuge, ‘from what’ and ‘in what’? And the distinctions between ordinary, false and real refuge.

24:54 minutes – What would Buddha do? Expanding the view of what we take refuge in to the paragons of human history.

36:53 minutes – Activating refuge in the 3 Jewels triad, to bring yourself through the portal to ultimate refuge

61:00 minutes – Music as an example of ordinary refuge that can inspire a deep experience of real refuge.

Listen to Past Podcasts & Other Recordings

Take a deep dive with some of Lama Marut’s teachings via past podcasts using the links below:

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