Epic Fail

We’re briefly in Melbourne next week teaching on the topic of “Epic Fail: Disappointment as a Path to Happiness.” Anyone who has actually tried to improve themselves spiritually knows what failure looks and feels like. In fact, the only way not to fail is not try at all — or to make such feeble efforts that there’s no risk of not succeeding. A true spiritual warrior is really going for it and is, correlatively, regularly not making it. But he […]

Our New Website!

Welcome to the new and improved site!  I’m so grateful to those responsible for the face-lift:  Janeva Zentz, Dylan Arrants, and especially Blair O’Neil.  Please enjoy exploring around – there’s lots of cool things to discover here. We plan to keep this site quite active, with updates and new uploads of material on a regular basis.  Among other things, we will be keeping you abreast of progress relating to the publication of my new book (we might even be able […]

Free Audio Podcasts

ACI-LA hosts free podcasts by the Mahasukha Center teachers called Practice Happiness. Includes Lama Marut’s audio and video podcasts, as well as podcasts from the annual Summer Retreat and Classics of Yoga Retreat.

Upcoming Teachings

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