Resolution suggestion #1: New Year’s reminds us that every day could be a new beginning. Resolve to take advantage of this. Drop the old baggage you’re masochistically carrying around. Stop re-empowering the Frankenstein monster of past regrets and resentments, making yesterday’s sorrows live again and again. Forgive, unconditionally and unilaterally, stop craving ‘more stuff’ and get on with your life! Resolve to start each day fresh and unencumbered, as if it were New Year’s Day.

Resolution suggestion #2: Someone once said, “It’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us happy.” Resolve this year to keep a daily gratitude journal in which you note all the things and people there are in your life to be grateful for. The more you pay attention, the more gratitude – and happiness – you’ll feel.

Resolution suggestion #3: Be kind to yourself this year! How? Resolve to pay close attention to your ethical life (don’t hurt others – physically, verbally, or even in your thoughts), and do something helpful for someone else everyday (anonymously, if possible). Work the karma and see the results. What goes around, comes around. . . but it has to go around first!

Resolution suggestion #4: Resolve to waste less time this year watching TV and DVDs, playing video games, reading trashy magazines and novels, surfing the ‘net, mindlessly blogging, etc. Remember your mortality and use your time wisely. Life is short; don’t squander it on things that won’t matter at all in the end.

Resolution suggestion #5: Resolve to keep your resolutions. Don’t write no checks with your mouth that your body can’t cash. Do what you say you will do and create the karma for success and healthy self-esteem (and avoid the karma of lying and depression).