How to Change Your Karma

The “law of karma” can seem quite foreign and exotic to a modern Westerner. But in a post-Freudian age we are accustomed to thinking that the past affects our experience of the present. And this is, after all, the essence of what karma’s all about. We can all agree that our present lives are at least influenced, if not wholly determined, by what happened to us in the past, and by what we did, said, or even thought in response […]

The Enemy Within…

What’s your biggest problem?  There’s always an antidote. Lama Marut talks about some of the cures for the main mental afflictions in this short 5 minute segment from teachings in Hawaii, June, 2011. Download the MP3 File Now > The Enemy Within

The Facts of Life

Suffering is a fact of life, and we should want an alternative. Another excerpt, 8 ½ minutes long, from the retreat in Hawaii, June, 2011. Download this MP3 file > The Facts of Life

Getting Your Motivation Straight

In this 7 minute excerpt from a retreat teaching in Hawaii (June, 2011), Lama Marut talks about the proper motivation for pursuing the spiritual life. Download the MP3 and enjoy! GettingYourMotivationStraight

Is Enlightenment Sudden or Gradual?

Question from Student: Some people got enlightened spontaneously, like a miracle. What do you think of that? Answer from Lama Marut: Well, wish it would happen – to me! As some of you know, there was a big debate historically in Chinese Zen, in Chan Buddhism, on whether enlightenment is sudden or gradual. And that debate went on into Japan also and formed different sects and so forth as a result of the different answers to that question. The answer […]