How to Protect Your Children

In this answer to a student’s question, Lama Marut addresses the question of how parents can really protect children — by teaching them karmic principles. But this requires that first we’ve convinced ourselves that karma is the correct worldview. Taken from the question and answer session held on January 8, 2012, at the “Five Freedoms Retreat” in Australia. Download the MP3 > Protect Your Children

Buddha Taught No Dharma

Enjoy the audio file from Lama Marut’s special Ustream teaching from February 5, 2012 (Feb 6 in Melbourne…) Download Here > (Please be patient if you have slow internet. It is a 44.2mb MP3 file) Buddha Taught No Dharma  

What Will Happen In The Future?

In a question and answer session, Lama Marut speaks on the uselessness of spinning out imaginary scenarios about what might happen in the future, or of reviving unpleasant memories of the past – both of which just undermine our present happiness. Download the MP3 File Now > What Will Happen In the Future?  

The Facts of Life

Suffering is a fact of life, and we should want an alternative. Another excerpt, 8 ½ minutes long, from the retreat in Hawaii, June, 2011. Download this MP3 file > The Facts of Life

Getting Your Motivation Straight

In this 7 minute excerpt from a retreat teaching in Hawaii (June, 2011), Lama Marut talks about the proper motivation for pursuing the spiritual life. Download the MP3 and enjoy! GettingYourMotivationStraight

Why and On What Should We Meditate?

Part 2 of Lama Marut’s talk at the annual Australian Meditation Conference, held in Melbourne in October of 2011. > Download Part 2, MP3