Change You, Change the World

Be Nobody event at Kitty's Restaurant in North Reading.
Be Nobody at Kitty’s Restaurant in North Reading.

While in Massachusetts this summer, I had the chance to speak to a group in North Reading, most of whom were friends of Jon Weir – an incredible person and the owner of Kitty’s restaurant which he opened up to the event.

The talk I gave there came straight out of a section of “Be Nobody” dealing with the fact that when we change ourselves we actually do change the world. The reasoning behind this rather startling conclusion is not based on any magical worldview or “law of attraction” or some such, but rather proceeds from an honest evaluation of how we perceive the world.

Since none of us has an objective view on the world, and therefore since all of us only have a subjective perspective, we do not see the world as it is but rather as we are. And, therefore, when we change our subjectivity (who we are), we change the only knowable world there ever has been, is, or will be, which is one apprehended through our subjective perspective.

Change you, change the world.

See if you agree.   The logic, it seems to me, is pretty air tight. But the implications are enormous, and we shy away from them. The stakes are very high indeed when it comes to self-improvement.

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