Not Your Mama’s Lama Interview

From a live interview on Body Mind Spirit Radio on Wed, June 13, 2012 with Lama Marut and Annette Rochelle Aben (radio host). Introduction from radio interview: A perfect combination of warmth and wit, renowned American Buddhist monk, Lama Marut, leads the revolution for true and lasting happiness.  After all what else would the son of a 2ndgeneration Baptist minister who grew up with a passion for motorcycles, surfing and yoga as well as an early interest in spirituality do with his life!  […]

Occupy Your Mind

If you want to occupy something, start with your own mind.  As Teddy Sczudio teaches us in this rap, “The revolution will not be televised; your revolution has got to start inside.” Download the MP3 > The Revolution will not be Televised 11.15.11


A little segment on contentment from Lama Marut’s recent public talk in Hong Kong. Download the MP3 File Now > “Itchlessness”

Turning Things Upside-Down

It’s springtime . . . if you’re in Australia. Never mind the weird accent and strange expressions (“good on ya’s, mate!”), driving on the left side, or the mysteries of Australian-rules football. Among the hardest things about relocating to Oz has been that the seasons come in inverted order. October is buds, flowers and the return of mild temperatures, and not the autumnal briskness and riot of leaf color on turning trees. Christmas time approaches. . . which for folks […]

Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Program

Can We Change the Present?

That’s a great question! Here’s an audio recording from a recent Q & A session where the above question was posed. > Can We Change the Present? We’ll be regularly posting some more FAQs in the future.

The Future of Meditation in the Age of Information

Last weekend I was honored to be one of the presenters and attendees at the 2011 Australian Meditation Conference in Melbourne. It was interesting to learn from others there about medical and scientific research concerning the benefits of meditation and to listen to other long-time teachers talk about their experiences. At the end of the afternoon, a few of us were asked to join a panel discussion of the “future of meditation” and took questions from the audience. The conference […]

Epic Fail

We’re briefly in Melbourne next week teaching on the topic of “Epic Fail: Disappointment as a Path to Happiness.” Anyone who has actually tried to improve themselves spiritually knows what failure looks and feels like. In fact, the only way not to fail is not try at all — or to make such feeble efforts that there’s no risk of not succeeding. A true spiritual warrior is really going for it and is, correlatively, regularly not making it. But he […]

Our New Website!

Welcome to the new and improved site!  I’m so grateful to those responsible for the face-lift:  Janeva Zentz, Dylan Arrants, and especially Blair O’Neil.  Please enjoy exploring around – there’s lots of cool things to discover here. We plan to keep this site quite active, with updates and new uploads of material on a regular basis.  Among other things, we will be keeping you abreast of progress relating to the publication of my new book (we might even be able […]

Classics of Yoga Retreat

Lama Marut will provide a comprehensive overview of yoga philosophy. He will teach from the classic yoga text – Bhagavad Gita – and he will unveil an exciting new translation and commentary of the Yoga Upanishads. Cindy Lee will be sharing stories from our great Mahasiddha lineage and will teach with Lama Marut on the Foundations of a spiritual practice. In two 2-hour philosophy classes a day, we will cover a tremendous amount of material, and you will reach a […]