No Worries

In this audio, Lama Marut introduces the 2011 Summer Retreat in Massachusetts by talking about the virtues of going on retreat, letting go of all stress, and being able to practice real freedom for a few days. For next summer’s retreat, visit the official Summer Retreat website. Download the MP3 File Now > “No Worries“


A little segment on contentment from Lama Marut’s recent public talk in Hong Kong. Download the MP3 File Now > “Itchlessness”

What Will Happen In The Future?

In a question and answer session, Lama Marut speaks on the uselessness of spinning out imaginary scenarios about what might happen in the future, or of reviving unpleasant memories of the past – both of which just undermine our present happiness. Download the MP3 File Now > What Will Happen In the Future?  


Resolution suggestion #1: New Year’s reminds us that every day could be a new beginning. Resolve to take advantage of this. Drop the old baggage you’re masochistically carrying around. Stop re-empowering the Frankenstein monster of past regrets and resentments, making yesterday’s sorrows live again and again. Forgive, unconditionally and unilaterally, stop craving ‘more stuff’ and get on with your life! Resolve to start each day fresh and unencumbered, as if it were New Year’s Day. Resolution suggestion #2: Someone once […]