Lama Marut Promotional Video-Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life

Which Side Are You On?

I’m reposting an article I wrote for my newsletter four years ago, just before the last U.S. presidential election. If anything, Americans are seemingly more divided in this major election year than they were in the last.  The public is polarized, and everyone seems angry. The election will be held in the wake of the recent  “Arab Spring” and the “Occupy” movements worldwide, both of which have brought many injustices to light but have also sometimes resulted in violence and […]

How to Overcome Anger

Stop justifying your mental afflictions! If you want to overcome anger, you can’t be coddling it by thinking there’s something good about expressing it. The point is not, however, to repress anger.  It’s to totally uproot it!  Lama Marut here gives some pointers for doing so. From a teaching given on January 4, 2012, at the “Five Freedoms Retreat” in Australia. Download MP3 Here > Overcoming Anger

How to Protect Your Children

In this answer to a student’s question, Lama Marut addresses the question of how parents can really protect children — by teaching them karmic principles. But this requires that first we’ve convinced ourselves that karma is the correct worldview. Taken from the question and answer session held on January 8, 2012, at the “Five Freedoms Retreat” in Australia. Download the MP3 > Protect Your Children

Ashtavakra Gita Video Promo

This is the video for the 9 Session Online Teachings in April and May 2012.

Buddha Taught No Dharma

Enjoy the audio file from Lama Marut’s special Ustream teaching from February 5, 2012 (Feb 6 in Melbourne…) Download Here > (Please be patient if you have slow internet. It is a 44.2mb MP3 file) Buddha Taught No Dharma  

Daddy… I’m Bored!

When was the last time you were bored? Hopefully a long time ago! Check out this little image snip that clearly highlights how ludicrous it is to be bored. Because if your’e bored, you’re just not paying attention. Enjoy!

Occupy Your Mind

If you want to occupy something, start with your own mind.  As Teddy Sczudio teaches us in this rap, “The revolution will not be televised; your revolution has got to start inside.” Download the MP3 > The Revolution will not be Televised 11.15.11